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Talking to Kids About COVID-19

Many parents are wondering how to discuss COVID-19 with their children. Here are some tips to help you navigate these conversations.

1. Encourage communication. Home should be a place where children can find answers to their questions but not be inundated with too much information.

2. Help children feel empowered. Let them know what they can do to feel safe such as washing hands and staying six feet apart from others.

3. Take advantage of their curiosity to tune in to their feelings and connect with them.

4. Model the attitude you want your children to adopt. If you are calm and reassuring, they will follow your example.

6. Stick to the facts and keep it simple.

7. Offer information that corresponds to their level of interest or maturity.

8. Provide opportunities for socializing through virtual playdates.

9. Provide time outdoors. Go outside, play in the yard, or go for a bike ride.

10. Provide a balance of structure and flexibility in their schedules.

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