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All services are available in person, by phone, or videoconference.



There are few places in life where we can let down our guard, be ourselves, and share the deepest parts of our experience. Individual therapy provides a space where we get to open up and experience a relationship that helps us make sense of our experience, dispel beliefs that have been limiting us, and feel seen.

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The goal of of couples' therapy is to improve communication and understanding. In doing so, partners are better able to resolve conflict and increase intimacy. Couples' therapy also helps partners support each other as they move through their own personal growth, providing containment and assurance.

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As a therapist yourself, you may wish to discuss your work, better understand the clinical material being presented, or examine your experience of being in the room with your clients. Clinical consultation is a valuable resource for both licensed and pre-licensed clinicians wishing to deepen their work.

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